How To Get Small Business Financing

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Small business loans and business financing is available from various traditional banks, credit unions, and online alternative lenders. Getting the cash injection you need for your business to stay afloat is easier than ever. However, it is good to understand your options at these institutes as each lender is limited by its financial products and… Continue reading How To Get Small Business Financing

When Should I Pursue Alternative Funding?

Alternative funding is a great resource that has been used by many, but one possible hurdle is knowing when it may be necessary to consider. Some people may not want to pursue this avenue if it is not necessary, but this hesitance may also cause some small business owners to not seek out alternative funding… Continue reading When Should I Pursue Alternative Funding?

What Is Alternative Financing?

Alternative financing is becoming more and more popular in the business world. However, many people still do not understand precisely what it is or how it can help their small business grow. Some may be turned off by this funding method due to negative stereotypes that it may have, but it is a common practice… Continue reading What Is Alternative Financing?

Alternative Funding Methods

Small business owners often have to deal with difficult circumstances, especially in the teething stages and getting established. Many people are not financially able to fully support themselves and their small businesses entirely on their own. This is where alternative funding can be invaluable. Alternative financing has allowed many small business owners to live their dreams… Continue reading Alternative Funding Methods

Why Choose Alternative Funding?

Many people get nervous about employing some alternative funding to help their small businesses. This makes sense, as accepting help from someone else and knowing you will have to repay them can be daunting. However, most small businesses use alternative funding at some point, and it can genuinely help turn your business around. Helping your Business… Continue reading Why Choose Alternative Funding?

The Advantages of Alternative Financing

Small businesses are considered high-risk companies for banks to offer loans. This makes it challenging for small business owners to get the capital needed to grow their businesses. However, alternative solutions like ByzFunder can help get the necessary capital to grow and sustain smaller businesses. Many banks have high loan standards and little to no… Continue reading The Advantages of Alternative Financing

Why Can’t My Start-Up Get a Small Business Loan?

If you have finally opened your dream business and are in the beginning stages of running it, you are a startup. This stage is something to be proud of, an achievement that only other business owners have felt. However, running a startup can be quite daunting and thus you will need a robust support system… Continue reading Why Can’t My Start-Up Get a Small Business Loan?

What You Need to Know About Alternative Funding

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As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. You have to make stressful decisions every day you are running your company. It can be challenging getting a loan for your small business because many banks are not giving out as many loans as they used to. This is when alternative financing… Continue reading What You Need to Know About Alternative Funding