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ByzFunder – Small Business Owners for Small Business Owners. We understand the financial needs of small to medium-sized businesses, and created the solution to help you grow.


ByzFunder has established ourselves as a leading provider of working capital for small to medium-sized businesses. Small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy and have mainly been underserviced, and that is why we are changing the narrative by providing a fast, simple, and secure financing service. 


With a combined 100+ years of industry experience, we can identify the needs of each business and which product best suits their needs to continue to grow.


Our dedication to excellence coupled with our streamlined technology allows for easy and accurate decision-making that enables an application, approval, and funding to occur the same day.


ByzFunder is a FinTech company specializing in delivering alternative lending programs to the world’s most impactful industries driving progress, innovation and prestige. We achieve this through deep-market expertise, nation-wide access and fostering a highly collaborative environment. We leverage our brand to support this mission.


FAST: Business Financing in less than 24-hours of applying.

SIMPLE: The Application process takes 5 minutes, all online.

SECURE: All data is safeguarded, a hassle-free, no-obligation application.


We haven’t gotten to where we are today purely on luck. It’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication, especially from our leaders. They’re responsible for creating ByzFunder’s vision and developing the roadmap for getting us there. 

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