Learning About Your Alternative Financing Options

  Many small businesses will not qualify for traditional loans. The company either needs a small loan that isn’t what a bank looks for, or their line of credit is too small, keeping them from getting a traditional loan. This is when it’s time to look into alternative funding.  When banks stop lending and your… Continue reading Learning About Your Alternative Financing Options

What You Need to Know About Alternative Funding

Businessman taking back his passport and ticket from hand of administrator after check-in

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. You have to make stressful decisions every day you are running your company. It can be challenging getting a loan for your small business because many banks are not giving out as many loans as they used to. This is when alternative financing… Continue reading What You Need to Know About Alternative Funding

How to Improve the Terms of Your Funding

Funding options with reasonable terms can be difficult to pay off for some, but financing with bad terms can seem almost impossible to pay off. However, there are ways to change the terms from unfavorable to favorable

What to Do When Your Bank Denies Your Loan

Finding a loan for your business can be very stressful and time consuming, so being denied a loan by a lender can be a huge blow. However, being denied is not the end of the process

Is Your Business Loan-Ready?

Taking out a loan can be a big decision for any business. Knowing whether or not your business is ready and able to take out a loan and pay it back can be difficult to figure out, but there are a few questions you should always ask yourself.