ByzFunder celebrates over $250 million in originations since its inception in November 2019. The company has been working ardently in financing small-to-medium-sized businesses in the US while experiencing exponential company growth even during the economic challenges plaguing the US and global markets.

In 2021, ByzFunder received a financial injection from their strategic partner, Old Hill Partners, of up to $40 million, enhancing their position in the alternative financing space. ByzFunder continues to thrive within the Small Business Financing FinTech industry.

ByzFunder CEO Ilya Fridman explained: “We have a mission to create financial services that elevate small business experiences. I am incredibly excited about what we have and continue to achieve. Our short-term financing solutions help amplify the impact of small to medium-sized businesses, creating an opportunity for businesses to grow, even in the current global climate. I am extremely proud of our team, who continue to put their best foot forward.”ByzFunder enjoyed a solid year of business growth that included a triple-digit increase in revenues and a 50% increase in staff, with significant hires in the tech, accounting, operations, and risk departments.

In addition to the financial successes, the company added new technology updates to its portfolio, with a new tech release on the horizon.

About ByzFunder

ByzFunder NY LLC is a leading non-bank financing company that has successfully provided small to medium-sized businesses with fast and convenient financing alternatives since 2019. ByzFunder combines technology and non-traditional credit algorithms to offer attractive pricing and exceptional customer service to a market not captured by traditional banks.

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